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Nina Braathen, Guro Rimesl�tten, Christer Tornell in "A Circle within a Spiral" Photo: Peter Lodwick A Circle within a Spiral 
Choreography: Terje Tjøme Mossige, Hege Tvedt, Lise Ferner. Composer/Musician: Peter Lodwick. Dancers: Guro Rimeslåtten, Nina Braathen, Christer Tornell 

Three choreographers and one composer present their vision of the circle of life: - one story - three storytellers. The Spiral represents mankind search for knowledge, meaning and awareness. The Circle represent the march of time. The choreographers each have their own contemporary style, but work together in producing continuity. The choreography range from the absurd to the lyrical. The musical style varies from the neo classical to modern rhythms.  

" Dans & Toner have yet again presented us with a performance that explodes with energy and quality. The dancers and the music melt together in a way that has become the hallmark of Dans & Toner. Bravo!" Colin Lewis


Vidar Hansen in "Impulses". Photo by Peter Lodwick 

Composer/Musician: Peter Lodwick, Dancers: Vidar Hansen, Marit Krogeide, Choreographers: Øyvind Jørgensen, Toni Herlofson ,Merete Lingjærde, Jan de Miranda, Marit Krogeide

In this performance you will se classical, neo classical, jazz and modern dance created by five different choreographers. They have all taken their inspiration from situations that young people can relate to. Our intention is to show that inspiration can be found all around us - it is just to open ones eyes and senses and live! The dances are bound together by the composer who, through music, dialog and humour, creates contact with the audience.

"Impulses" was fantastic! This high quality performance engaged the audience. At last we got the opportunity to experience art at its highest level. We want more!"  Forsand cultural office 


 Marit Krogeide og Peter Lodwick in "Visions" Photo: Harald S�ter�y

Visions - a journey in dance, music and pictorial art

Composer/Musician: Peter Lodwick, Choreographers: Tim Rushton, Antonio Ferraz, Lise Ferner, Merete Lingjærde, Marit Krogeide, Katrine Bølstad, Dancers: Kristian Alm/Antonio Ferraz, Merete Vold, Marit Krogeide

In the performance "Visions" we meet three art forms: music, pictorial art and dance. Six very different choreographers have each made their dance inspired by Norwegian pictorial art. Some have been inspired by the energy of the painting, some by the form and some by the subject matter. The choreographers are very different both in personality, work methods and experience � something we see reflected in the dances they have created. The composer has had an ongoing dialog with the choreographers, so that the music also encompasses a wide range of styles.

"A beautifully presented, charming and pulsating performance." Øraker school