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 Peter Lodwick and Marit Krogeide. Photo: Stein Are Tårnes

Classical Ballet 

- advanced and professional levels only 

Teacher: Marit Krogeide  Musician: Peter Lodwick

"The cooperation between these two is unique. The combination of  Peters musicality and Marits lyricism transforms a class into an inspirational and artistic experience and renews the joy of dancing!"   
nnette Edmunds, GDT

"As a dancer and choreographer here in Stockholm, I had the opportunity  and pleasure of taking professional ballet classes held by Marit Krogeide and Peter Lodwick. It was a wonderful experience and inspired me. It gives harmony in your body to come to the training and start the day at the barre accompanied by a mans beautiful singing and playing of the piano. Marit is cheerful and her classes gives freedom to the movements of  your body. The concept that Marit and and Peter have gives absolutely a feeling of  freedom in dancing.  I hereby warmly recommend their concept.”  
Halldén, Artistic director of dell’Arte

Available for courses in higher education and/or summer courses. Intermediate, advanced and professional levels only. For further information go to page Contact us  

 Marit Krogeide. Photo: Grim Evensen


Marit Krogeide has danced from the age of seven, and had her television debut at eleven. She is a graduate from the National College of Dance in Oslo. She has played leading roles in many musicals, worked with modern choreographers and performed as a solo classical dancer for the Norwegian broadcasting company. She has taught classical ballet at Proda (training for professional dancers), National College of Dance, Oslo, Bårdar Academy, Kirkenær Ballet School and has given many courses all over Norway. She is managing director/performer with Dans & Toner.

Peter Lodwick. Photo: Harald SæterøyPeter Lodwick is a graduate from the Royal Academy of Music in London. He has worked both for BBC and the Norwegian Broadcasting Company NRK. His music has received wide acclaim at many European festivals. Peter has composed for many choreographers and he is a much sought after accompanist for both modern and classical dance. Published the CDs Music for Ballet Class 1 and 2 and Music for modern dance class available at www.peterlodwick.com   He is artistic director/performer with Dans & Toner.

Photo: Top: Stein Are Tårnes, Middle: Grim Evensen,
Right: Harald Sæterøy