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Performances for youth

performances for children

Christer Tornel, Peter Lodwickl og Marit Krogeide i "Munch - en reise i dans, musikk og billedkunst". Fotocollage: Peter Lodwick

“This must be experienced far beyond the border of Norway”.
Kragerø Avis


Christer Tornell og Marit Krogeide i "Dans for Deg". Foto: Peter Lodwick

"Dans & Toner presented beautiful music and magical dance!"
Harstad Tidene

Guro Rimeslåtten, Nina Braathen, Christer Tornell. Photo: Peter Lodwick

"Lavish music and enthralling dancers. Variation and use of mimic
that captivated the audience
Lierbyen skole

Vidar Hansen, Marit Krogeide, Peter Lodwick. Foto: Grim Evensen 


"Impulser" was an energetic and fun performance. The artists claimed
the pupils unconditional attention
Telemark Arbeiderblad

Peter Lodwick, Marit Krogeide. Foto: Harald Sæterøy


"This impressive performance captivated both pupils and teachers".
Rjukan Arbeiderblad

Silje Michaela Kvalheim og Peter Lodwick. Foto: Marit Krogeide Ps - all there ever will be, is now

What a wonderful and different concept! The meeting between
these two artists was captivating!"

Helen Lewis