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Marit Krogeide
Ballet teacher, first lecturer



“Thank you for fantastic teaching these last 2 years. You are truly a uniquely beautiful and wonderful person.”

Class at Bårdar Akademiet 2016


“Thank you so much for all the inspirational and happy ballet lessons, you are a fantastic teacher!”Marit Krogeide. Foto: Grim Evensen

Student at Bårdar Akademiet 2015


“Thank you for fantastic years! We are smitten by your great love of dance and we have learned so very much.”

Class at Bårdar Akademiet 2013


“Thank you for great ballet classes and wonderful inspiration!”

Veterans at Kirsti Skullerud ballettskole 2013


“It has been a joy to have you as a teacher. I hope you have seen how much
you have inspired me!”

Student Bårdar Akademiet 2013


“You are truly a beautiful person and teacher – thank you!”

Student Bårdar Akademiet 2013


“Our class was SO happy when we heard that you would be our ballet teacher! We have grown so much this year because there has been so much joy in the classes.”

Class at Bårdar Akademiet 2012

“Thank you for being such a great person that has taught me so much. You are a fantastic dancer and teacher. I feel privileged to have worked with you.”

Student Bårdar Akademiet 2011


 “Thank you for all the joy of dancing, energy, love, knowledge and inspiration you give us! You notice everybody and are aware of what everyone needs. You have taught us so much and given us a safe atmosphere to develop in – you are fantastic.”

Class at Bårdar Akademiet 2011


“Thank you for everything you have meant to us and thank you for everything you have taught us. It will be a long time before we will experience such a fantastic ballet teacher!”

Class at Bårdar Akademiet 2011


 “Thank you for fantastic classes, corrections and encouragement – we will always remember your positive way of teaching and your deep love of ballet.”

Student at Bårdar Akademiet 2011


“You have given me so very much and I will miss you. You are a fantastic teacher!”

Pupil at Kirkenær Ballettskole 2010


“Thank you for being such a wonderful and motivating teacher. I really did not dance properly  before I started with you.”

Pupil at Kirkenær Ballettskole 2010


“I truly appreciate you as teacher, dancer and person. You have given me so much and are the main reason that I am still dancing.”

Pupil at Kirkenær Ballettskole 2010