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 "It is a miracle to have such talented artists visiting schools"
Harstad Tidene


Marit Krogeide and Christer Tornell Peter Lodwick
Dancers Marit Krogeide and Christer Tornell found a bar
on tour with "Dance for You" in Hordaland
Peter Lodwick on the road in Sogn og Fjordane with "Munch - a journey through dance, music and pictorial art"
Marit Krogeide Christer Tornell, Marit Krogeide and Peter Lodwick
Marit Krogeide touring islands in Nordland with
"You and I and the two of us"
Christer Tornell, Marit Krogeide and  Peter Lodwick on tour with
"Munch - a journey through dance, music and pictorial art"
i Nordland


Dans & Toner is a touring music- and dance company, run by musician/composer Peter Lodwick and dancer/choreographer Marit Krogeide.

Dans & Toner felt the need to embrace a wider audience than the established theatres and dance companies had hitherto reached. Because Norway does not have a long tradition in performing arts, it is of vital importance to create a public. Dans & Toner have therefore made a point of giving many of their performances in schools, thereby reaching people that would not normally have the opportunity to see dance theatre.

Dans & Toner have a reputation for making untraditional performances where the barriers between the different performing arts are broken down and combined in new and interesting ways. The performances are often made up of shorter ballets by different choreographers and in different dancestyles, with specially created music. Humour, drama, film, text, song and dialog with the public are some of the tools used to grip and hold the interest of the audience. We have an ambition to retain a high artistic quality, while at the same time engaging the audience. Our 12 productions has been  performed for hundreds of thousands of people over the whole of Norway. Se performances

We have co-operated with established Norwegian cultural organisations and have received financial support from various national artistic funding organisations. The value of the work done by Dans & Toner has been confirmed by the exceptionally good reviews from press, audience, schools and arrangers.

Dans & Toners productions are available to be performed abroad. Please contact us for information.

We offer courses in PilatesRhythm in Lodwicktechnique and Classisk ballet, advanced levels

Peter Lodwick with audience. Photo: Frede Y.Eriksen, Glomdalen Photo: Jan-Ivar Fjeld
Peter with audience after "You and I and the two of us",
Photo: Frede Y Eriksen, Glomdalen
Audience under the performance "Mozart".
oto: Jan-Ivar Fjeld, Moss avis