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Mozart!  Peter Lodwick og Marit Krogeide


Poster Mozart Peter Lodwick and Marit Krogeide

Peter Lodwick and Marit Krogeide, photographer unknown

Photo poster: Steinar Wiik

Design poster: Kari Andresen



“Superb artists that connected with the children right away. They presented a performance full of music, dance, humour and laughter with a perfect balanse between the serious and the humoristic".

“The performance captivated the students from the first moment. You presented art at a high level, which we were happy to have experienced alongside the students”.
Jansløkka skole, 1991



 ”Mozart!” was commissioned by Rikskonsertene in connection with the celebration of Mozart in 1991. The purpose was to present Mozart and his time for children aged 6 – 11 years. A music and dance performance came to life. By using Mozarts original music, music inspired by him and modernised, we created a varied musical framework. The dance spanned from ballet, minuet in full rococco costyme and jazz. The audience was activated through dialog, humour and song. They learned the refrain of a song about Mozart which became one of the highlights of the performance


“Mozart!” became very popular and was shown 221 times all over Norway from 1991 til 1996. The production was supported by the Art Council Norway and Norsk Kassettavgiftsfond. 




Lodwicks improvisation over 4 tones given by the audience, resulted in a beautiful piece of music. The performance presented great variety in both music and dance. The audience was so involved that they would not leave at the end and the artists
had to give an extra number!”