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 How about that Mr B?  Peter Lodwick and Marit Krogeide  

Peter Lodwick og Marit Krogeide Foto: Stein Are Tårnes



“Phenomenon on tour: A combination of humor in pure Monty Python style, great charm, superior musicality, beautiful movements and in general top professional entertainment gets us on our knees. We sing, we laugh and we clap our hands. These terrific artists do all this and more. A wonderful hour where great art was presented with humour. It is a small miracle that we get such talented artists
visiting schools”.

Harstad Tidene 1987

”How about that Mr B?” was commissioned by Rikskonsertene in connection with the celebration of Bach in 1985. The idea was to make a performance that presented Bachs music in a fresh and different way for a young audience, age 10 – 15. This was done by making a music- and dance performance. The music was presented both in its original form and modernized using synthesizers. The dance incorporated classical ballet, jazz and modern. The children were engaged by using audience participation, song, dialog and humor.

“How about that Mr B?” was a huge success and was performed regularly on tour all over Norway 667 times the following 12 years. Seen by 68.749 people.

Peter Lodwick og Marit Krogeide Foto: Stein Are Tårnes

Photo: Stein Are Tårnes

“There was wild applause, flowers and tumultuous cheers at Lyngmyr.
"How about that Mr, B?" was a sparkling performance. Peter Lodwick
is in short a musical phenomenon and when Marit Krogeide
danced to "Air" by Bach we got chills up our spine and it was
 miraculous. It was a humourous and inspiring performance that
 definitely left us wanting more”.

Tvedestrandsposten 1992



“The artists opened our senses and gave us great joy and inspiration. Bachs music was presented through music, dance, ballet and song with artistic skill, freedom and humour. You had the audience captivated from start til finish”.
Grålum skole


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