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Du og Jeg og Vi To 

Seen by more than 100.000 children over the whole of Norway!

"Peter Lodwick and Marit Krogeide are representatives of the cream of Norwegian art.
The two the artists express true love for the art and have created an expression that goes
straight home. Two artists who know their craft at their fingertips and who really know
how to
engage their audience".

 Glomdalen Newspaper


 Peter Lodwick and Marit Krogeide. Photo: Grim Evensen


Photo: Grim Evensen 

Composition/Musician:  Peter Lodwick  Dancer:  Marit Krogeide 
 Choreography: Marit Krogeide  Christer Tornell, Thea Bay
Voice: Geir Atle Johnsen. 

"Du og jeg og Vi To" (You and I and the Two of us) is a performance for children where dance, music, song and drama tell the story of a meeting between a grumpy friendless composer called GeNøkkel and a young, sympathetic girl called Ballerina. GeNøkkel is not interested in having any other friends than his keyboards and his computer, whereas Ballerina wants them to co-operate in making dance and music. The meeting between these two reflects scepticism, curiosity and rejection but concludes with forgiveness and friendship. It is not always easy to say sorry. The performance relies on a lively interaction between audience and artists. Supported by Arts Council Norway, Fund for performing artists, Norsk Kassettavgiftsfond. Performed 795 times on tour for 106.825 children.

"What do you get when you combine music, dance, humour and charm, friendship and forgiveness? You get a fantastic performance called
 "Du og Jeg og Vi To". The artists bewitched a whole school."
Østlandets Blad 


Peter Lodwick and Marit Krogeide, Photogtapher: unknown Peter Lodwick with audience. Photo: Frede Y.Eriksen, Glomdalen


Photo right: Frede Y Eriksen, Glomdalen