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Performances for children

Performances for youth

Marit Krogeide and Peter Lodwick. Photo: Grim Evensen

Du og Jeg og Vi To

"Du og Jeg og Vi To" was an artistic revelation and at the
same time a pedagogical miracle


 Marit Krogeide and Christer Tornell in "Twisted". Photo: Peter Lodwick

“Bewitched the audience with dance and music. The artists
the children with a very well thought out and
masterfully performed performance".

Sandefjord Blad


 Marit Krogeide and Peter Lodwick. Photo: unknown

“We were visited by two outstanding artists. They made instant
contact with the students  in a way that made the performance a
very special experience and there was always fine-spun balance
between seriousness and humour”.



 Marit Krogeide and Peter Lodwick. Photo: Steinar Wiik

“There was wild applause, flowers and tumultuous cheers at Lyngmyr.
"How about that Mr, B?" was a sparkling performance".